With love from Russia
Global Access Platform
The platform to get enter the markets (Russia/U.S./European countries/China)

How does it work

1. Choose a country

2. Get the mentor or an expert from selected country

3. Get the step by step instruction on how to enter the selected market

Who we are?
We have representative in each country

Faem Ahmetzyanov
Representative in Russia (CEO REG.FM)

What does the program consist of?

All steps how to enter the selected country

Skype with mentor

Discussing the prospects of bringing your product to the market of the selected country with a mentor or a market expert which your startup works on



Translation of your information materials into the language of the selected country


Studying the marketing specifics

The analysis of specific tools and methods for attracting clients in the selected country


Testing the market

Attraction of the first clients, debriefing and deciding on the expediency of entering the selected market


Legal localization

Studying the legal specifics of the country and adjusting to the current requirements of the legislation of the selected country


Actual localization

The analysis on labor market, tools to attract employees, infrastructure and institutions to support start-ups of the selected country

Go global

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